Cloud Service

Simplify your life, do not waste time with long and complex installations .. TURNS INTO CLOUD!
Thanks to the many features of the cloud, you can install and configure your IPCAM in a few seconds, as if I’d never started!
Find out how in the following guides… MachPower will help you !


Today we are hearing more and more talk about the cloud, but what is it?

The Cloud, English cloud, is visit site nothing but a server where the data are saved and are always accessible from anywhere in the world and with any device (smartphone, computer, tablet, etc.), via an internet connection.

Certainly use an email client such as Google, Yahoo, Libero. Not knowing you’re using the cloud, every time you connect to your mail, you’re running a server where all your mails are saved, your contacts.
Even services like Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Flickr are all based on the Cloud. Give you the ability to view your data, your content published whenever they request.
Thanks to the research of MachPower® team, we offer this service for free.